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1/2020: “Science Breakthroughs of 2019”

12/2019: “More 2019 Nobel Prizes”

11/2019: “Some 2019 Nobel Prizes”

10/24/2019: “Oceans, Ice, and Climate-Change,” based on The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, a special report (SROCC) released 24th September 2019, by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), discussed by P. Voosen in “Warming Transforms the Oceans and Poles,” in Science, 27 September 2019, Vol.365, pp 1359-1360.

9/19/2019: “Protecting Elections from Social-Media Manipulation: suggested by: “Protecting elections from social media Manipulation,” by Sinan Aral and Dean Eckles, Science, 30 August 2019, Vol.365, pp 858-861.

8/22/2019 “New Views on the Formation of Planets and Moons:” suggested by: “Cassini-Huygens’ exploration of the Saturn system: 13 years of discovery,” by Shigaru Ida, Science, 14 June 2019, Vol. 364, pp. 1028-1030, and “Analysis of lunar samples: Implications for planet formation and evolution,” by Richard W. Carlson, , 19 July 2019, Vol. 365, pp. 240-243.